Combinatorics in Cambridge

August 4th to 7th 2003

celebrating Béla Bollobás's 60th birthday

"Combinatorics in Cambridge" is a conference to be held in Cambridge from August 4th to August 7th, 2003.

All interested are warmly invited to attend.

The meeting is timed to coincide with the 60th birthday of Béla Bollobás, and the themes will be those of his mathematical interests: extremal combinatorics, random combinatorics and functional analysis.

A series of around thirty lectures will given by invited speakers. Among those anticipated to be taking part in the meeting are

Yousef Alavi, Noga Alon, József Beck, Christian Borgs, Neil Calkin, Jennifer Chayes, Chen Beifang, Chen Chuanping, Ernie Cockayne, Ralph Faudree, Trevor Fenner, Ehud Friedgut, Alan Frieze, Laszló Gerencser, Roland Häggkvist, Svante Janson, Jeff Kahn, Gil Kalai, Michal Karonski, Gyula Katona, Jeong-Han Kim, Alexandr Kostochka, Michael Krivelevich, Felix Lazebnik, Nati Linial, Lasló Lovász, Tomasz Luczak, Wolfgang Mader, Colin McDiarmid, Vitali Milman, Keika Mynhardt, Jarik Nesetril, Vlado Nikiforov, Boris Pittel, Hans-Jürgen Prömel, Vojta Rödl, Pierre Rosenstiehl, Cecil Rousseau, Andrzej Rucinski, Dick Schelp, Miki Simonovits, Greg Sorkin, Vera Sós, Angelika Steger, Benny Sudakov, Endre Szemerédi, Jim Tattersall, Simon Tavare, Carsten Thomassen, Bjarne Toft, Tom Trotter, Lior Tzafriri, Dominic Welsh, John Wierman, Pete Winkler

together with many of Bollobás's students, past and present:

Keith Ball, Jozsi Balogh, Graham Brightwell, Keith Carne, Jonathan Cutler, Tristan Denley, Reinhard Diestel, Ted Dobson, Stephen Eldridge, Tim Gowers, Andrew Harris, Penny Haxell, Hugh Hind, Alice Hubenko, Guoping Jin, Yoshi Kohayakawa, Imre Leader, Henry Liu, Balazs Montagh, Rob Morris, Alexis Papaioannou, Jonathan Partington, Luke Pebody, Jamie Radcliffe, Charles Read, Oliver Riordan, Amites Sarkar, Alex Scott, Alan Stacey, Tamas Szabo, Andrew Thomason, K. Tillekeratne, David Weinreich, Jerzy Wojcziechowski, Colin Wright.


The academic part of the meeting will take place in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, in which DPMMS (the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics) is located. For travel information click here.


Trinity College will house conference participants, as well as hosting the banquet and other social events. Accommodation is mostly in single rooms. For more information click here.


Details of conference charges and of how to register can be found here.


A timetable of the lectures and of other conference events may be viewed here as details emerge.


Enquiries about the conference may be directed by email to or by fax to +44 1223 337920.

Organized by: Keith Carne, Tim Gowers, Imre Leader, Oliver Riordan, Andrew Thomason.

Supported by: The London Mathematical Society, Trinity College, The British Combinatorial Committee, DPMMS.

Conference pictures

Click here to see pictures of the conference. (Added 2 Sep 2004)