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Combinatorics Seminars for Lent Term 2005

  • Archive of Combinatorics Seminars

  • The Combinatorics Seminar normally meets at 2.00pm on Thursdays in Room MR12.
    For further information contact Imre Leader or Andrew Thomason.

    Thursday January 27

    John Talbot (UC London)
    Chromatic Turán Problems

    Thursday February 3

    Cheng Ku (Queen Mary)
    Intersecting Families of Set Partitions

    Thursday February 24

    Andrew Goodall (Oxford)
    Some new evaluations of the Tutte polynomial of a graph

    Thursday March 3

    Concetta Pilotto (Rome)
    Families Avoiding Repeated Differences

    Thursday March 10

    Nicholas Georgiou (LSE)
    Embeddings of trees into complete trees

    Thursday March 17

    Tim Gowers (Cambridge)
    A short proof of a hypergraph counting lemma