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Combinatorics Seminars for Easter Term 2005

  • Archive of Combinatorics Seminars

  • The Combinatorics Seminar normally meets at 2pm on Thursdays in Room MR12.
    For further information contact Imre Leader or Andrew Thomason.

    Thursday May 5

    Graham Brightwell (LSE)
    Non-transitive sets of dice

    Thursday May 12

    Luke Pebody (Trinity College)
    Independence Numbers of Cartesian Products of Graphs

    Thursday May 19

    Demetres Christofides (Cambridge)
    The Alon-Roichman theorem

    Thursday May 26

    Stephan Thomassé (Claude Bernard, Lyon)
    Dense triangle-free graphs in Borsuk graphs

    Thursday June 9

    James Oxley (Oxford and LSU)
    The structure of the 3-separations in 3-connected graphs and matroids

    Monday July 25 at 11am

    Louigi Addario-Berry (McGill)
    Edge weights and vertex colours