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Category Theory Seminars for Michaelmas Term 2005

  • Archive of Category Theory Seminars

  • Meetings are held at 2.15pm on Tuesdays in Room MR9 of the CMS (Pavilion B). Part III students are particularly welcome. Here is the timetable for this term's seminars.

    For further information contact Richard Garner.

    Tuesday October 18th

    Martin Hyland
    Presheaf categories

    Tuesday October 25th

    Peter Johnstone
    Universal Normal Covers

    Tuesday November 1st

    Toby Kenney
    Copower Objects

    Tuesday November 8th

    Nick Duncan
    Triangulated Categories

    Tuesday November 15th

    Aaron Lauda
    Constructing functors from string worldsheets into algebraic categories

    Tuesday November 22nd


    Tuesday November 29th

    Tim Porter (Bangor)
    Homotopy quantum field theories, crossed modules and gerbes