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Category Theory Seminars for Michaelmas Term 2003

  • Archive of Category Theory Seminars

  • Meetings are held at 2.15pm on Tuesdays in Room MR9 of the CMS (Pavilion B). Part III students are particularly welcome. Here is the timetable for this term's seminars as fixed so far.

    For further information contact Eugenia Cheng.

    Tuesday October 14th

    Martin Hyland
    What are Engeler models?

    Tuesday October 21st

    Aaron Lauda
    2-groups and string diagrams

    Tuesday October 28th

    Marcelo Fiore
    Some reflections and geometric inclusions of free algebras in algebras

    Tuesday November 4th

    Nicola Gambino
    Well-founded trees and polynomial functors

    Tuesday November 11th

    Toby Kenney
    Why aren't all objects well-pointed?

    Tuesday November 18th

    No seminar

    Tuesday November 25th

    Steve Awodey (Carnegie Mellon)

    Tuesday December 2nd (tbc)

    Chris Mulvey
    Penrose Tilings