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Category Theory Seminars for Lent Term 2004

  • Archive of Category Theory Seminars

  • Meetings are held at 2.15pm on Tuesdays in Room MR9 of the CMS (Pavilion B). Part III students are particularly welcome. Here is the timetable for this term's seminars as fixed so far.

    For further information contact Eugenia Cheng.

    Tuesday January 27th

    Marcelo Fiore
    Generalised Species of Structures: Cartesian Closed and Differential Structures

    Tuesday February 3rd

    Chris Mulvey
    Penrose tilings

    Tuesday February 10th

    No seminar

    Tuesday February 17th

    Eugenia Cheng
    On products of monads

    Tuesday February 24th

    No seminar

    Tuesday March 2nd

    Aaron Lauda
    Frobenius algebras and the walking ambidextrous adjunction

    Tuesday March 9th

    Paul Taylor
    The relationship between Abstract Stone Duality and Joyal's Arithmetic Universes