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Analysis Seminars for Michaelmas Term 2005

  • Archive of Analysis Seminars

  • The Analysis Seminar normally meets at 2pm on Wednesdays in Room MR12.

    Wednesday 5 Oct

    Enno Lenzmann (ETH Zurich)
    'A critical nonlinear wave-type equation describing boson stars'

    Wednesday 12 Oct

    no seminar

    Wednesday 19 Oct

    no seminar

    Wednesday 26 Oct

    András Zsák (DPMMS)
    'The lattice of closed ideals in the Banach algebra of operators on a certain dual Banach space'

    Wednesday 2 Nov

    Wieslaw Zelazko (Warsaw)
    'Ideals in F-algebras: recent results and open problems'

    Friday 4 Nov, 2--3pm in MR 5

    Wieslaw Zelazko (Warsaw)
    'A short history of Polish mathematics'

    Wednesday 9 Nov

    Tom Sanders (DPMMS)

    Wednesday 16 Nov

    David Fremlin (Essex)
    'Squares in locally compact groups'

    Wednesday 23 Nov

    Niels Jakob Laustsen (Lancaster)
    'Involutions on algebras of operators on Banach spaces'

    Wednesday 30 Nov

    Ioannis Gasparis (Thessaloniki)
    'Non-strictly singular operators on C[0,1]'