Analysis Seminars

The standard place and time for this term's seminars is Seminar Room 1 on Wednesdays at 2.15 pm.

So far the following seminars have been arranged.

22 Jan		Double bill

2.15 Professor M. van den Berg (Bristol) TBA

4.00 V. Toledano-Laredo (Cambridge) Integrating unitary representations of Frechet Lie groups

29 Jan Prof V. Kondratiev (Moscow) TBA

5 Feb Yu. M. Suhov (Cambridge) The Hausdorff dimension of branching processes on symmetric spaces

12 Feb M. S. Joshi (Cambridge) Swallow-tails and semi-linear singularities

On 12 March or there about I hope there will be a talk by Prof C. Series.

Suggestions for speakers are always extremely welcome.