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Analysis Seminars for Lent Term 2006

  • Archive of Analysis Seminars

  • The Analysis Seminar normally meets at 2pm on Wednesdays in Room MR12.

    Friday 20 Jan, 2pm, MR5

    Nicolas Lerner (Université de Rennes)
    `On some mathematical versions of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle'

    Wednesday 25 Jan

    Richard Smith (Cambridge)
    `Trees, linear orders and Gâteaux smooth norms'

    Monday 30 Jan, 2pm, MR5

    Peter Topping (Warwick)
    `Singularities in reverse for Ricci flow'

    Wednesday 1 Feb

    Olga Maleva (Cambridge)
    `Sigma-porous sets that cannot be avoided by Lipschitz curves'

    Wednesday 8 Feb (joint seminar with Combinatorics)

    Yevhen Zelenyuk (Witwatersrand)
    `Finite Semigroups in ßN'

    Wednesday 15 Feb

    Tom Körner (Cambridge)
    `A Quantitative Version of a Theorem of Rudin'

    Wednesday 22 Feb in MR14

    Jakub Duda (Weizmann Institute of Science)
    'On curves that allow $C^2$ parametrizations or parametrizations with finite convexity'

    Wednesday 1 Mar

    Garth Dales (Leeds)
    `The semigroup algebra l^1(S) and its second dual'

    Wednesday 8 Mar

    Ron Blei (Connecticut)
    `The Grothendieck inequality revisited'

    Wednesday 15 Mar