Analysis Seminar

The standard place and time for this term's seminars is Seminar Room 1 on Wednesdays at 2.15 pm.

So far the following seminars have been arranged.

30 Apr		Prof C. Series  (Warwick)		
Combinatorics of simple curves

on a twice punctured torus

7 May Prof Z. Piotrowski (Youngstown) Separate and joint continuity

14 May Dr M. Joshi (DPMMS) Recovering asymptotics of a short range

potential from scattering data

21 May Prof S. Grabiner (Pomona) When is a spectral boundary point

an isolated generalised eigenvalue?

28 May Prof T. Christiansen (Missouri) Scattering theory for perturbed

stratified media

11 June Prof M. Mathieu (Maynooth) Lie mappings of C*-algebras

23 June Prof E. Mooers (UCLA) Heat kernels on manifolds

NB Monday with conic singularities

Suggestions for speakers are always extremely welcome.


Dr Andrew C Aitchison
Thu May 8 15:28:38 BST 1997