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Algebra Seminars for Michaelmas Term 2005

  • Archive of Algebra Seminars
  • The Algebra Seminar normally meets at 4.30pm on Wednesdays in Room MR12.
    Tea will be available beforehand in the Common Room.
    For further information contact Chris Brookes or Jan Saxl.

    Wednesday October 12

    Maxim Nazarov (York)
    Yangians and Mickelsson algebras

    Wednesday October 19

    Beth Holmes
    Subgroup coverings and pairwise generating sets

    Wednesday October 26

    Rachel Camina
    Conjugacy class sizes and the IP-graph

    Wednesday November 2

    Nik Nikolov (Oxford)
    Expander Cayley graphs for finite simple groups

    Wednesday November 9

    No seminar - John Conway at the Cambridge Philosophical Society

    Thursday November 10 *** note the non-standard day

    John Conway
    More on the 15 theorem for quadratic forms

    Wednesday November 16

    No seminar

    Wednesday November 23

    Jack Button
    Large finitely presented groups

    Wednesday November 30

    Michelle Wachs
    Quillen complexes, coset complexes and matching complexes