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Algebra Seminars for Lent Term 2004

  • Archive of Algebra Seminars

  • The Algebra Seminar normally meets at 4.30pm on Wednesdays in Room MR12.
    Tea will be available beforehand in the Common Room.
    For further information contact Chris Brookes or Jan Saxl.

    Wednesday January 14

    Urmie Ray
    Lorentzian lattices, Borcherds-Kac-Moody algebras and automorphic forms

    Wednesday January 21

    Pavel Zalesski
    Profinite surface groups

    Wednesday January 28

    Yiftach Barnea
    Lie algebras with few centralizer dimensions

    Wednesday February 4

    Jonathan James
    Partition Actions of Symmetric and Linear Groups

    Wednesday February 11

    Jon Brundan
    Shifted Yangians and finite W-algebras

    Wednesday February 18

    Attila Maroti
    A new proof for a Nakayama conjecture

    Wednesday February 25

    Maxim Vsemirnov
    Exact Hurwitz generators in small dimensions

    Wednesday March 3 at 2pm **note the nonstandard time**

    Sarah Rees
    Are hyperbolic groups star-free?