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Algebra Seminars for Easter Term 2005

  • Archive of Algebra Seminars

  • The Algebra Seminar normally meets at 4.30pm on Wednesdays in Room MR12.
    Tea is available beforehand in the Common Room.
    For further information contact Chris Brookes or Jan Saxl.

    Wednesday 27 April

    Dave Benson (Athens, Georgia)
    Polynomial and power series invariants of finite groups

    Wednesday 4 May

    Cheryl Praeger (Western Australia)
    Simple groups, permutation groups and a problem in prime number theory

    Wednesday 11 May

    Inna Korchagina (Birmingham)
    Classification of groups of simultaneously even- and p-type

    Wednesday 18 May

    No seminar - LMS meeting in Birmingham

    *** Friday 27 May at 4.30

    Steve Smith (Illinois at Chicago)
    Quasithin groups

    Wednesday 1 June

    Richard Weiss (Tufts)
    Moufang Polygons and Spherical Buildings

    Wednesday 8 June

    Roger Carter (Warwick)
    Clusters of finite type