The Faulkes Institute of Geometry

The Faulkes Institute of Geometry, housed in Pavilion E of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, is named after Dr Dill Faulkes, a major benefactor.

The Institute was by opened on 1st May 2002 before a large gathering. Honoured guests included major benefactor Nick Corfield, Vice-Chancellor Professor Alec Broers, and erstwhile Director of the Isaac Newton Institute Professor Keith Moffatt. The company was first treated to two lectures. In a fascinating historical exposition, "Why study Geometry? Answers through the ages", Piers Bursill-Hall gave an account of the significance of geometry in the development of civilization. Nigel Hitchin complemented that with "Geometry: today's answers" in which he conveyed both the wealth of ideas which play a role in modern geometry, and the importance of the subject to our understanding of the world. A party followed, during which Dr Faulkes opened the Institute. He spoke movingly of his commitment to education within the UK, and in robust terms of the importance of taking geometry seriously at all levels of education. Raymond Lickorish, Head of DPMMS, in turn thanked Dr Faulkes for his generous support of a crucial area of modern mathematics.

Dr Faulkes cuts the ribbon ... ... and Professor Lickorish presents a token of gratitude.
Dr Faulkes opens the Institute ...
... and Professor Lickorish presents a token of gratitude.


The above photographs of the event were taken by Nigel Luckhurst. Click here for further photographs.

An aerial view of DPMMS has been photographed from an aeroplane of the Faulkes Flying Foundation.

The Institute is home to a collection of geometrical models; find out more here.

A picture of the Institute itself, as well as a picture of the Faulkes Gatehouse, can be seen here.