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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Research Interests: Planar graphs, circle packing, random graphs, maps, and other structures, random walk, potential theory, spanning forests, percolation, spin systems, self-avoiding walk, probability on groups, random permutations.


Slightly supercritical percolation on nonamenable graphs I: The distribution of finite clusters
T Hutchcroft
No percolation at criticality on certain groups of intermediate growth
J Hermon, T Hutchcroft
– International Mathematics Research Notices
Self-avoiding walk on nonunimodular transitive graphs
T Hutchcroft
– Annals of Probability
Statistical physics on a product of trees
T Hutchcroft
New critical exponent inequalities for percolation and the random cluster model
T Hutchcroft
– Probability and Mathematical Physics
Indistinguishability of collections of trees in the uniform spanning forest
T Hutchcroft
– Annales de l'institut Henri Poincare (B) Probability and Statistics
Kazhdan groups have cost 1
T Hutchcroft, G Pete
Locality of the critical probability for transitive graphs of exponential growth
T Hutchcroft
– Annals of Probability
Uniform Spanning Forests of Planar Graphs
T Hutchcroft, A Nachmias
– Forum of Mathematics, Sigma
Hyperbolic and Parabolic Unimodular Random Maps
O Angel, T Hutchcroft, A Nachmias, G Ray
– Geometric and Functional Analysis
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