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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Research Interests: Planar graphs, circle packing, random graphs, maps, and other structures, random walk, potential theory, spanning forests, percolation, spin systems, self-avoiding walk, probability on groups, random permutations.


Collisions of random walks in reversible random graphs
T Hutchcroft, Y Peres
– Electronic Communications in Probability
Percolation on hyperbolic graphs
T Hutchcroft
– Geometric and Functional Analysis
Counterexamples for percolation on unimodular random graphs
O Angel, T Hutchcroft
Geometric and spectral properties of causal maps
N Curien, T Hutchcroft, A Nachmias
– Journal of the European Mathematical Society
Non-uniqueness and mean-field criticality for percolation on nonunimodular transitive graphs
T Hutchcroft
– Journal of the American Mathematical Society
Mallows Permutations and Finite Dependence
T Hutchcroft, A Levy, A Holroyd
– Annals of Probability
The $L^2$ boundedness condition in nonamenable percolation
T Hutchcroft
Supercritical percolation on nonamenable graphs: Isoperimetry, analyticity, and exponential decay of the cluster size distribution
J Hermon, T Hutchcroft
Large, lengthy graphs look locally like lines
I Benjamini, T Hutchcroft
Non-intersection of transient branching random walks
T Hutchcroft
– Probability Theory and Related Fields
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