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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics

Originally from:

Munich, Germany.

Academic background:

MASt (Part III), University of Cambridge 2017-2018.

BSc, Mathematics, University of Munich, 2013-2017.

Areas of interest:

Probability theory, statistical mechanics, extreme values of Gaussian and non-Gaussian processes.


[1] Multiscale coupling and the maximum of the $\mathcal{P}(\phi)_2$ fields on the torus; with N. Barashkov and T. Gunaratnam; submitted; preprint on arXiv.

[2] Extremal process of the sine-Gordon field (2021); submitted; preprint on arXiv.

[3] Maximum and coupling of the sine-Gordon field (2020); with R. Bauerschmidt; appeared in Annals of Probability.


2021/22: Examples classes for Stochastic Calculus by Dr. Sourav Sarkar

2020/21: Examples classes for Advanced Probability by Prof. James Norris

2019/20: Examples classes for Advanced Probability by Dr. Sebastian Andres


Other interests:

At Cambridge I have been part of several sports teams. Currently, I play futsal and basketball. My favorite writer is John McPhee.


mh901 [at]




01223 337969