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Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics


Risk perceptions of COVID-19 around the world
S Dryhurst, CR Schneider, J Kerr, ALJ Freeman, G Recchia, AM van der Bles, D Spiegelhalter, S van der Linden
– Journal of Risk Research
The Misinformation Susceptibility Test (MIST): A psychometrically validated measure of news veracity discernment
R Maertens, FM Götz, CR Schneider, J Roozenbeek, JR Kerr, S Stieger, WP McClanahan, K Drabot, SVD Linden
The effects of quality of evidence communication on perception of public health information about COVID-19: two randomised controlled trials
CR Schneider, ALJ Freeman, D Spiegelhalter, S van der Linden
The effects of communicating uncertainty around statistics on public trust: an international study
JR Kerr, AM van der Bles, C Schneider, S Dryhurst, V Chopurian, ALJ Freeman, S van der Linden
Predictors of COVID-19 vaccine acceptance across time and countries
JR Kerr, CR Schneider, G Recchia, S Dryhurst, U Sahlin, C Dufouil, P Arwidson, ALJ Freeman, S van der Linden
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